For the execution of consulting services in the areas of Mining, Water Resources and Environment Environmental Plan has experienced and committed to quality in every stage developed projects in different crew . The characteristic of this professional profile is reflected in the results obtained with regulators in these sectors, with numerous approved and licensed projects .

Besides being able to rely on experience and performance of our team, our company invests in upgrading and motivation of these professionals, taking courses, trainings and events regularly. With this philosophy the company seeks to offer services that allow clients a comprehensive and integrated solution to their projects, working from initial baseline studies, feasibility and design, defining the guidelines and work necessary for each situation, follow these process steps during their analysis until the implementation of the work / project or closing the case.

Our major clients are : construction, real estate, industries, gas stations, bus garages and carriers, mining, municipalities / public agencies supply, agricultural enterprises among others .

The Brazilian mining sector is extremely important for the economy because our basement has a potential that allows Brazil to be a leader in the production of various ores worldwide interest .

Following the modernization of the sector, the Environmental Plan is attentive to the emergence of new techniques and technologies that allow the adequacy of mining projects to market strategies, involving consumer centers, extraction costs, logistics and marketing.

The company aims to offer technical work with a broad vision and long-term customers. Furthermore, all studies developed include environmental and labor safety aspects inherent to the activity, focusing on the development of mining projects planned and sustainable way.

The main services developed in the area of mining are:

  • Mineral Research;
  • Geological Mapping;
  • Evaluation of Technological Essays and Beneficiation of Ores;
  • Evaluation of Quarry and Calculation of Reserves;
  • Projects Funding Sources Mineral Water (resurgences and deep wells) ;
  • Study of Source Protection Area;
  • Implementation Plan for Economic Exploitation Concession Mining;
  • Implementation of Mining Plan and Control Plan Environmental Impact on Mining.