Confirmatory research

After successful completion of preliminary investigation and aims to evaluate the soil and groundwater in areas identified as potential and suspected contamination , identifying current levels of concentration of related activities carried out in the building compound .

Execution of the service occurs from stages of field work and office, including the following aspects:

  • Geological and Hydrogeological Characterization of the Local;
  • Technical Evaluation Of Soil And Groundwater Of The Tourist Area , Featuring The How - To From Current Levels Of Concentration Related Compounds.

The information obtained in the Preliminary Investigation are reviewed and serve to support the definition of the location of indirect research through geophysical studies and direct research through surveys of soil and installation of monitoring wells for sampling ¹ ² achievement.

Initially, they are considered chemical compounds of interest ( CQIs ) for the analyzes those identified in Preliminary Investigation, in proportion with the activities in the area, as well as its mobility in the media: soil, water and air and their characteristics degradation and toxicity.

Concentrations are compared to the CQIs guiding values and once characterized the contamination on the site, your legal guardian must perform detailed look contamination .

¹The methodology to be employed in carrying out surveys and construction of monitoring wells constructed following the technical guidelines of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards ( ABNT ) :

  • - ABNT NBR 15495-1 : Wells Monitoring underground water in granular aquifers - Part 1: design and construction;
  • - ABNT NBR 15495-2 : Wells Monitoring underground water in granular aquifers - Part 2 : development;
  • - ABNT NBR 15492 : Polls recognition for purposes of environmental quality - Procedure.

²Among the methods of collecting groundwater in monitoring wells stands out sampling at low flow ( low flow) with controls for six (6 ) parameters in the field, enabling with this, the extraction of representative samples of the actual conditions of the area saturated . For deep wells , groundwater is sampled through collections at their easels.