Detailed investigation

At this stage, the research area aimed at determining the extent of contamination in the affected media, the way of the spread of contaminants and who are your potential receivers. This information will be applied in from risk assessment for human health, under which the necessary corrective actions will be established environmental suitability for safe use of the area .

It developed from job steps in the field and office, including the following aspects :

  • Implementation of environmental surveys and monitoring wells with gathering and analysis for the delimitation of contamination plumes;
  • Sample collection and testing in situ to obtain specific parameters of the area to be used in modeling the transport of contaminants;
  • Establishment of Conceptual Site Model1.

┬╣The Conceptual Site Model establishes the relationship between contamination , the transport mechanisms in the affected media, depending on the characteristics of the environment and contamination and exposure points of possible receivers, as the current use or intended for future use area.