The Environmental Plan operates in the Environment offering consulting services for new ventures, through preliminary characterization studies of the physical environment and identify potential impacts and mitigation measures as necessary,

  • RAP
  • RCA -PCA

For projects in operation performs diagnostics and environmental projects for recovery or remediation of impacted areas. In such cases the necessary actions can involve issues of health and safety for a population or a group of workers, and may require high costs for entrepreneurs.

That is why today many companies bother to take actions to protect the environment, because they know that responsible attitudes bring security for all involved, with lower costs of recovery and remediation activities, which can sometimes undermine the economic performance itself business, and, above all, nurture good company image in the community, environmental agencies and their clients.

Focused on this set of interests and customer satisfaction, the Environmental Plan seeks to engage in a quick and consistent way, seeking the right strategies for each case, balancing cost-effective and reliable solutions that allow answers in the shortest possible deadlines.

Our main services developed in the area of Environment, geared to the Contaminated Sites, listed on the side menu.